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Sa Huynh Beach - romantic and charming

Charm of Sa Huynh beach is fine white sand stretched for kilometers, looks away loose hair like Ang's prepubescent daughter. Sea Sa Huynh famous blue water, great shrimp, fish, beautiful coral reefs and small islands with different manifold disasters create a charming picture. Locals rely on the shape of each small island named: island kitchen islands Whatever, The Hon Mr Stone and Son ...

There are boat trips along the Forbidden Mountain can feel the natural beauty of sea air here, especially each of the spring. Hang with splendid forest of Mining yellow apricot blossom, bright as a patch of sky between the vast sea. Located over a mile long coast is the reef and coral reefs, the world of seaweed and fish species diversity in color and hovered. The life of the ocean is like a wonderland going ahead. The most interesting is standing on top of Stone Brewing at sunset, panoramic view at sea last rays coming behind the mountains, or sit on the windy sea line to hear whispers of the seas forever. Sun, clouds, waves, water ... all as mixed, mingled closely together, creating a poetic and seductive for natural picture of Sa Huynh ...

After a day of traveling around to visit, night sitting by the fire of roses, sweet-scented taste, greasy kind of seafood: shrimp, squid, crab, king crab, scad rolls .. ., click spicy wine, you'll feel like all the hard work disappear, soul and poetry Thoi, lightheadedness.

Come to Sa Huynh, visitors will not only make the market entry of folklore festival of fishermen here, such as singing blades, replace Bai Choi singing, prayers before an offshore fishing ... but also the hands touching the plate inscriptions, many words have tens of thousands of years ago, to be proud that I have been to the ancient culture of a nation: Sa Huynh culture.

There are so many other wonderful things waiting for you, if you have the opportunity to travel to visit Sa Huynh beach.
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