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My Son historical sites

Features: My Son is where recorded crimes of U.S. imperialism brutal for the people of Vietnam. On 03/16/1968, American soldiers killed hundreds of innocent civilians in an operation here in destruction.

Monuments Son My massacre of first place in the neighborhood Thuan Yen (now the village Khe Thuan), where U.S. soldiers have killed 47 people belonging from the same village. Place the second American neighbors (this is the Khe village), where U.S. soldiers have killed 97 village Co Luy.

Monuments Son My massacre Quang Ngai City and 13km to the northeast. On 3/16/1968, a military operation to destroy unprecedented brutality, the U.S. invading and attempting to implement, American Son hit innocent people is not an inch of iron in hand. With the policy: clean burning, wiping, killing them has turned this place into the ground dead. Son My massacre is the culmination of countless crimes of U.S. imperialism against the people of Vietnam in an unjust war of aggression, with the condemned man. Relic Son My massacre was an overall mark places where the enemy's crimes against our fellow Americans:

Remnants American Paint Zone, an area of ​​2.4 hectares, located in the village Khe Thuan (from the same village, Tinh Khe Commune) beside Provincial Highway 24B from Quang Ngai City to American Son - My Khe - Sa Ky and field vestige Mr. More, tower, village road about 400m. The site is located separately from the population consists of original monuments have been preserved and embellished later works on new construction, such as additional galleries, a reception desk, statues, garden statues.
Vestige: His Many fields, towers, located in the village tree balls and relics Khe Thuan Pham Minh City garden (Khe East), on the (Khe Tay).
Rating relic: the gun pit against his family arguments, neighbors Wu Man in America Conference (Rural Co Luy).
The tomb relics buried the victims were massacred.

Besides the historical value, Son My relics are recorded crimes where typical American invaders during the war in Vietnam, where 504 memorial fallen compatriots. My Son is valuable travel: it is located in the Indian online travel Thien (Huynh Thuc Khang tomb specific) - Chau Sa - My Son - My Khe - Dung Quat. Every year there are more than 5 thousand people to visit Son My. Currently, there are nearly 3,300 monthly visitors to visit.
By My Son today, visitors can stop before the statue to feel excruciating pain Son of U.S. victims that day. Interior of The Remnants, visitors can see many artifacts stored there: it was the old brass plate holes are bullet holes, shirts, sandals of a child being shot dead, the kind of dishes , riddled pans down, chanting beak of Mind Thich also recovered. In the remaining artifacts found her hairpin Nguyen Thi Huynh. After she was murdered, her lover was found picking up her hairpin, respectfully preserve it for 8 years before handing it over to The Remnants ...

Outside the campus of evidence, scattered here and there in the rural hamlet of plaque is erected at the site of the shootings occurred. This is the tower at the edge of the village, the small dirt road Thuan Yen to 102 people were shot dead. Kia is cottonwoods where 15 women and children were killed.

In the U.S. neighbor, now soaring coconut balls, blue ocean out there still scare the silver waves into clean golden sand, charming, a true beauty with class in Vietnam. Between the scene was quiet loved plaque marking 97 people were massacred in the village that day.
Remnants Son My Zone regularly welcome to visit. They are businessmen, scientists, tourists of all nationalities, especially a growing number of Americans who visited this show sympathy with the deep pain of the people of Vietnam during the war.
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