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Archaeological phase post-Neolithic

Location: Here, have discovered many valuable artifacts, are precious materials for the period "Late Neolithic" in the South Central area.

Field Trips In a round, officials Quang Ngai General Museum has a number of excavation at the Valley Nieu Na, Tra Bong district and discovered many valuable artifacts. These are precious documents of the period "Late Neolithic" in the South Central area.

For a long time, Nieu Valley Na (from Quang Ngai town about 100km north-west), there are rumors that some ethnic Coho picked up "air hammer" and many other gems. Many people already wear the "air hammer" to color drinks when sick. According to locals, the river upstream Tang - one of the three rivers in the area - there is a large cave, the rock inside the cave is carved many peculiar shape ...

Get information, the researchers conducted fieldwork dig pits along the river reconnaissance Nieu water. Through fieldwork findings in the group Ho Van Quyen (Nieu Na), is holding two ice axes. A part of the form ax, crafted from the same material is reddish-brown flint. The rest is shouldered axes, sharp tongue, with plenty of room cool. Some artifacts such as stone earrings, shouldered hoe, also found at the Van Wen Ho, Ho Van Thanh (the Nieu Na).

After the first survey, the group decided to dig a hole reconnaissance. Artifacts found this once abundant such as pottery, shouldered axes, sketch material axes, grinding tables, ceramic pebbles rolling ... However, the findings of stone axes made of jade, large size. Especially, when digging the hole reconnaissance 3rd, the delegation found the tripod and the character sketches gray pebble stone tools. At the 5th Reconnaissance hole is located and with ceramic ax. Generally stone artifacts appear in depth from 40cm to 65cm. According to Mr. Doan Ngoc Khoi, museum staff, this archaeological site is linked intimately with the culture Lake Highlands, as well as the money remains in Sa Huynh Thanh Long.

Neolithic sites in Na ago Nieu dating about 4000-4500 years. This discovery will help archaeologists have to add a pre-study in South Central Sa Huynh Quang Ngai and.

Source: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
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