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Heavenly Mountain Press - Tra Khuc river landscape

Thien India Gate

Visitors to the South and the North on Highway 1A mountains are visible. God wants to visit India, from the Tra Khuc fork bridge on National Highway 1A, visitors turn to Highway 24B east and drive about five, ten minutes to the foothills.

The reason for this 100m high mountain named Thien An is as broad peaks, flat, four side slopes isosceles trapezoid. Looking beyond the mountains as the sun set rectangular high-placed side in the Tra Khuc river green.

One corner of the temple

Thien An slopes more grass, with the eastern slopes Thien ancient India between the dense shadow of ancient trees. Temple is from 1694, but this is only an initial draft am quiet.

Then God restored India to gradually expand and attract many Buddhist monks and became famous. The road to the temple along the south ridge from spiraling clockwise, roadway width, slope not greater, vehicles can be up to a convenient way

In addition, there are no shortcuts to the stairs stones, for pedestrians. Over three-port under cool shady trees, visitors will come home by the staff built the beam architecture.
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